Q: What is Wireless Internet?

A: It is a high-speed (Broadband) Internet access medium. Wireless Internet uses wireless signals to transmit Internet service to subscribers' computers at speeds that far exceed those provided by traditional telephone-line based Internet services.

Q: So how fast is it?

A: Speeds provided by Wireless Internet service are dependant upon the level of service chosen by the subscriber. Speeds can range anywhere from 10X faster than a dial-up connection, up to a dedicated 10 Mbit link.

Q: Since Wireless Internet is wireless, does that mean that it's satellite-based?

A: No. There are no satellites involved in the Eclipse Wireless Internet system. Wireless Internet is what is called "terrestrial wireless" meaning that the radio signals are generated and transmitted within the earth's atmosphere. As a result, Wireless Internet does not suffer from the problems that satellite Internet access does, such as interferrence from snow on the antenna, or high latency due to the long distances that satellite radio signals have to travel between the earth and the orbiting satellite.

Q: Is Wireless Internet affected by rain or snow, like satellite TV?

A: No. Wireless Internet service does not fade out in rain/snow storms, or on cloudy days like satellite TV.

Q: Is Wireless Internet available in other areas?

A: Yes. If you are interested in a Wireless Internet connection please contact us for more information.

Q: How does Wireless Internet connect to my computer?

A: Wireless Internet connects to your computer via a standard ethernet cable. Most computers now come with ethernet ports built in. If you have an older computer that does not have an ethernet port, we can provide one for you.

Q: Can I connect more than one computer to the Internet through Wireless Internet?

A: Yes. You can connect as many computers as you want through a single Wireless Internet connection.

Q: Does it matter what kind of computer I have?

A: No. Any computer with an ethernet port should work with Wireless Internet

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